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  • New to Denver? How to Meet People

    The city tends to attract people for work and lifestyle opportunities. Here in Denver, we welcome a few tens-of-thousands of people every year. So you may be new, but you’re not alone! There are many locals and fellow new Denverites waiting to become your new social network. Make friends by joining groups and going places where you’re sure to find people who share your interests.

    Denver promises a wide variety of experiences, from outdoor adventures to cozy indoor art. How can you meet new people in Denver and build your social circle? Try just a few of the following ideas or let them inspire your way to a like-minded group.

    Meeting and Greeting

    The first thing to do is prepare yourself to meet new people. In a city, it is possible to drop your eyes and politely move through the world, unbothered. But if you want to turn opportunities into friendships, it’s important to dare yourself to reach out. Say hello. Make a joke. Ask others how they do what they do. Just a little ice-breaking can go a long way.

    Join a Local Gym

    A gym membership is a great way to meet people during your weekly workout routine. You can find people to run with or spot weights with. You can meet up after in the smoothie shop or race each other on side-by-side rowing machines. Many people meet friends in workout classes.

    Try an Activity Group

    An activity group might be even better if you like adventures or have very specific interests. Join a rock-climbing group, or a group that bikes a different trail every other weekend. You can join a pottery studio or take a class in a skill you’ve always wanted.

    Meet at the Dog Park

    If you have a dog, you can meet other dog owners in the Denver dog parks.  In Denver, even apartment buildings have dog parks.Bring a pocket of toys and make sure that you know the local rules, then let your dog make the friendly introductions. Dogs who become friends create owners who become friends. 

    Join a Building Event

    If you choose an apartment or condo, your building may throw events that can help you meet your neighbors and fellow curious new residents. Swing by the pool to see who is hanging out. Grab a coffee in the lobby cafe and check out the holiday parties and events as they occur. Some communities host fitness classes, cooking classes, and other fun programs. There’s always something going on at Station A where residents can meet and share interests.

    Join a Local Sports Team

    Do you enjoy paired or team sports? You can almost always find a group of fellow-enthusiasts to play with. From football to ping pong, joining a team is a great way to enjoy your afternoons and make friends doing something fun and active. If you’re good or gain skill along the way, you might even take on competitions and tournaments.

    Connect Through a Dating App or Social App

    For singles, check out one of many dating apps. If you’re not looking for a relationship, explore one of the dozens of multi-purpose social platforms. These apps can prioritize people near you who might be looking to hang out. compare profiles, trade a few chat texts, and meet for coffee. Online apps are a fun shortcut to meeting new people in a new city like Denver. Why wander around waiting to say hello when you can connect with other people looking for friends?

    Host an Apartment Venue Event

    You can host an event in your apartment building and meet your fellow residents who show up. Apartment venue space often includes a clubhouse or lounge that you can book as a spacious and beautifully decorated place to hold events. Even a quick mixer can draw the interesting and available people from your community to your party platters or cookies and cool music.

    Join a Book Club

    Love to read and discuss? Join a local book club. Connect at the library or online. You can meet Denverites all over the city by seeking online book clubs that hold occasional meet-ups at restaurants and cozy spots around the city.

    Get Involved in Brewery Events and Pub Crawls

    Like a wild time with good brews? Join a charity pub crawl or get involved in the local breweries. You can meet many other enthusiasts and people who like to let their hair down on the weekends by getting connected with the local scene.

    Discovering Denver from Station A

    Meeting new people after moving to Denver can be an adventure in any direction. Whether you want to hit the mountain bike trails or trade ideas with a book club, you’re sure to find new, interesting people to form your Denver social circle. Contact us today to explore modern Denver apartments in the thriving Station A community.


  • 7 Economical Ways to Visit Mountains Towns from Denver

    Colorado is a beautiful place, and not just the urban vistas of Denver. The Rocky Mountains create a unique opportunity to escape the city any time you feel the need. Colorado is covered in idyllic mountain towns scattered through the Rockies and nestled in sheltered valleys. Denver visitors discover these getaways after hours of challenging mountain driving. But Denver locals know there’s a more economical way to travel.

    The train lines and buses throughout Denver and greater Colorado offer some incredible opportunities to sight-see without being behind the wheel and to explore Colorado’s beautiful mountain towns on a budget. Let’s dive into the easiest ways to visit Colorado’s mountain towns from Denver.

    Hop a Transfer from the A-Line

    The A-Line is the central train line through Denver, taking tourists and locals alike down the 23 mile stretch from downtown Denver to the Denver Airport. A convenient distance from Station A Apartments, you’ll never be far from the main line. From the A-Line you can transfer at most of the station stops to another train that will take you further out into the picturesque Rocky Mountains.

    Catch a Butstang All Over Colorado

    Bustang is a totally awesome bus line with bright purple tour buses that travel all over the state of Colorado. Originally a single line from Denver to Colorado Springs, the line, now expands from Grand Junction, Alamosa, Pueblo, and Lamar. If you want to head into the mountains and back for a great price, don’t miss your chance at the economical Bustang experience.

    Ride the Winter Park Express

    Want to take a ride into the majestic Winter Park? Catch the Amtrak Winter Park Express, also known as the “ski train”. Catch an affordable fare up to your favorite ski or hiking vistas up in the mountains at Winter Park and catch the train back without paying resort prices to stay overnight. Winter Park has an incredible selection of activities to explore, mainly hosted by the Winter Park Resort.

    Take the Flatiron Flyer to Boulder

    The Flatiron Flyer, despite it s name, is really a bus network. We know, it sounds like a train and with so many trains criss-crossing Denver, it makes sense to be a train. But really, it’s a beautiful blue bus adorned with the flight pattern of a golden bird. Even better, it’s a multi-route bus system that takes the express lanes for bus rapid transit (BRT). You can get a three-hour pass or a five-hour pass to travel all over Denver and Boulder for your sightseeing needs.

    Catch the Cog Railway to Pikes Peak

    Want a train ride with incredible views to a beautiful mountain park? Catch the Cog Railway to Pikes Peak. In fact, this year Pikes Peak is celebrating it’s 130th anniversary this year with a grand reopening of the train itself, alongside it’s sister train the Broadmoor Manitou.

    The 3 hour round trip on the Cog railway is an adventure in itself with breathtaking views and sightseeing at the summit. You can book your mountain adventure on one of many daily departures. 

    Find a Low-Cost Flight to Telluride, Montrose, Durango, and Colorado Springs

    Of course, if you’d rather fly somewhere remote, you can always catch the A-Line to the Denver Airport Station. There are often low-cost flights to the hidden gems of the Rockies including Telluride, Montrose, Durango, and Colorado Springs. If your vacation starts a little further out or you’d rather go by air, these intra-state flights are very affordable for airfare.

    Plan a Fun Road Trip with Friends

    Last but certainly not least, you can always plan a road trip with friends to combine your costs and take turns driving. Want to brave the mountains in a vehicle with great traction? Want to park and ride with your favorite people? Everyone benefits when you travel together and pool your expenses for a better experience all around.

    Are there economical ways to enjoy Colorado vacations starting in the heart of Denver? Absolutely! Contact us today to find the perfect starting place right on the A-Line for your Colorado experiences.


  • The Best Things To Do In Denver, Colorado in March

    Longtime residents of Colorado already know this, but Denver is a great city to be anytime of the year. March is no exception. There are so many amazing opportunities for Denver’s residents to get out and enjoy their community. From restaurant options to hiking trails, the options are limitless. Station A‘s luxurious apartments are just minutes away from it all. Take a closer look at these local events taking place this March that you won’t want to miss out on.

    Month of Photography

    Denver’s residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the Month of Photography thanks to Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC).The biennial festival is geared towards showcasing and celebrating the diverse medium while creating opportunities for up and coming and local artists. The exhibitions are dispersed throughout 75 museums and a great reason to get out and get exploring. Zanele Muholi, an activist who is well-known for her use of the body, is just one of the many talented individuals whose work will be on display. The great thing about this event is that it literally will be running this whole month. To see a map of the neighborhoods and exhibits check out CPAC‘s extensive guide.

    Night Lights Denver

    Night Lights Denver is a great reason to come out and enjoy The Denver Theatre District. The light-based art display that is breaking boundaries gives viewers a unique experience while being able to support the surrounding businesses and communities. The incredibly innovative art exhibits take place Tuesday through Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 11:00 PM. However, starting March 14th, the featured art will begin at 7:30 PM due to daylight saving. Interested individuals can watch this YouTube video to get a sneak peek of what everyone is talking about. Night Lights Denver has gotten the reputation as ‘the people’s projector’, and it definitely seems worth checking out.

    Celestial Chaos

    On Sunday, March 21st Denver residents will have an opportunity like no other. Rainbow Militia and Prismajic are the forces behind Celestial Chaos. The event combines dancing, circus, and storytelling like never before. Decked out with visual arts, Celestial Chaos is a show about Greek mythology. The production tells the story of three gods who struggle to create a “perfect” world. The cast of Celestial Chaos encourages audience members to embrace the theme and fun and dress like the gods. Amber Blais, Cerene Shepard, and Staza Stone are just a few of the highly-acclaimed professionals who will be featured in the entertaining show. Saint Patrick’s Day Dance Performances

    Of course, as many people are very familiar with, March is the month that is traditionally marked with lots of symbolic, festive, and green decorations in honor of Saint Patrick. There are plenty of ways to join the fun in Denver, Colorado. Wick School of Irish Dance is returning for another celebratory dance performance at Stanley. The first event will take place on Saturday, March 13th from 12:00 to 12:30 PM. Denver’s residents will have another opportunity to enjoy the exciting performances on Wednesday, March 17th from 4:00 to 4:30 PM. These exciting and festive events will be taking place both indoors and outdoors.

    There is no question about it, Denver, Colorado has a ton of culture. With March just beginning, this is the perfect month to start enjoying everything the city has to offer. The abundance of events and opportunities make it a great place to live. Contact us today to find out more about Station A’s contemporary housing options, amazing amenities, and our one-of-a-kind community.

  • What is Denver’s Weather Like in the Winter?

    What is winter weather like in Denver? In a word, changeable. Denver’s weather can change rapidly, especially in winter. It can be blisteringly cold one day and in the mid-50s the next. In fact, many of our worst late winter or early spring blizzards follow several hours of gentle rain. A rainstorm followed hours later by a howling, raging blizzard? Welcome to the vagaries of Front Range weather!

    But don’t worry, a week later you’ll probably be enjoying a cup of coffee on the private balcony at your Station A apartment. We did mention that the weather is changeable, didn’t we? And don’t worry about those blizzards, either. Denver’s weather is actually relatively mild. We get snow and even occasional blizzards in Denver, but it varies widely year by year.

    When Most of the Snow Falls

    Most of Denver’s heaviest snowfalls happen in the months of October, November, and December, and then again in March and April. Snow can occur throughout the winter, of course, but these months are when the heaviest snowfalls tend to happen. Fortunately, the white stuff generally doesn’t stick around for long. Unlike in the Midwest and Northeast, you can usually see the ground in Denver between snowstorms.

    The lack of lingering snow is due in part to our approximately 300 days of sunshine a year. Snow doesn’t stand much of a chance against our dazzling, high-altitude sun! The other reason for its quick departure is a Chinook wind. These warm, dry winds may cause temperatures to rise by 50 degrees or more. No wonder these winds are known as ‘snow eaters’!

    Average Temperatures in Denver

    Winter temperatures in the Mile High City can go from blisteringly cold to a balmy 50° F overnight, and vice-versa. Here’s a list of average Denver temperatures year-round. As you can see, our average temperatures are generally fairly moderate for the time of year.

    January The average high is 44° while the average low is a cold17°.

    February The average high is a bit warmer at 46° while the average low is still chilly at 20°.

    March It’s starting to warm up. The average high is 54° and the average low is 26°.

    April Still warming, with an average high of 61° while the average low is above freezing at 34°.

    May Now it’s getting balmy! The average high is 71° while the average low is 44°.

    June Now that summer has officially arrived, the average high is 81° while the average low is a fairly warm 53°.

    July Whew! It’s really getting hot with an average high of 88° but an average low of a refreshing 59°.

    August The average high is 86° while the average low is 57°.

    September It’s starting to cool down with an average high of 77° and an average low of 47°.

    October The average high is cooler at 65° while the average low is getting chilly at 36°

    November The average high is a brisk 52° with an average low of a cold 25°.

    December It’s definitely colder with an average high of 43° and an average low of just 17°.

    According to the National Weather Service, 1.4″ of snow fell on September 21, 1994. One week later, on September 29th, the temperature was a scorching 91 °F. Such radical changes aren’t too uncommon in fall and spring, although they aren’t always quite so dramatic.

    The biggest single-day change in temperature occurred on January 25, 1872. The high that day was 46°, then the temperature dropped… The low that night was -20°. That’s a 66° change in temperature in less than 24 hours!

    Enjoy Denver’s Weather at Station A

    Whenever the sun is out in the winter, you’re apt to see people in shirtsleeves or just a light jacket. You’ll probably even enjoy sitting out on the patio at  Station A, enjoying the sunshine and the wonderful amenities available to residents here. If you aren’t a resident yet, what are you waiting for? Contact us to request a tour today!

  • 6 Things to Do in Denver in January

    In Denver, Colorado, January may be chilly, but the city is never short of fun opportunities for couples, friends, teams, and families. With 300 days of Sunshine, the Mile High City presents many adventures no matter the season.

    Sprawled before the city is breathtaking mountain scenery from where you can see over 200 snowcapped peaks. Add the hundreds of parks that stretch over acres of land and loads of other family-friendly events around town, and your family will be spoilt for a choice of exciting adventures.

    Below are our top six ideas of exciting things to do in Denver in January.

    1. Winter Wanderland Light Walk

    Light Walk is a spectacular event taking place in Cherry Creek North. Here you get to enjoy a ‘light walk’ through 16 sparkling blocks lit with half a million lights. To crown the fun is music choreographed eight twinkling displays and an outdoor holiday market. This event end-date is scheduled for early January, so you don’t want to miss out.

    2. Blossoms of Light at the Botanical Gardens

    The dazzling display of lights isn’t limited to Cherry Creek North. The Botanical Gardens has established a three-decade tradition of creating a twinkling winter wonderland at York Street. What’s more exciting about this event is that they have a new feature every year, so it’s never dull for repeat guests. With warm drinks and exciting holiday treats, your family or date will have fun relaxing or taking a walk under the magnificent lights that make you forget the winter chill.

    Botanical Gardens also offer special packages for hosts seeking exceptional holiday party venues, as well as lovers looking for the ideal location to pop the question, so check them out if you’re interested.

    3. Snowshoeing

    If snowboarding and skiing don’t excite you much, you may want to try snowshoeing on the excellent Denver trails. The good thing with snowshoeing is that you don’t need much preparation. All you need to do is fit into snowshoes and venture out.

    Some of the exciting snowshoeing trails include the Mill Lake trail, Rocky Mountain National Park, Dream Lake trail, etc. They have well-maintained trails and offer breathtaking scenery of the snowcapped mountains that your family will enjoy.

    4. Skiing

    Now, for skiing lovers, Denver has a handful of great skiing places for you. Some of the closest skiing resorts include Echo Mountain, Loveland, Arapahoe Basin, etc. Each resort has unique offerings that you will love sampling – adventurous terrain, night skiing, uncrowded runs, free cat-skiing, delicious food and refreshments, friendly staff, etc.

    5. Make a Snowman

    Snowstorms transform Denver into a winter wonderland. You can treat your teams or kids to some fun by taking them out for snowman building contests. With hundreds of parks available, there’s more than enough room to enjoy some hours of entertainment while developing your creativity.

    6. Visit Golden

    Golden is a history-rich that is never short of attractions and festivities. Explore famous places like the Colorado Railroad Museum, Buffalo Bill Museum, Golden History Museum, Lookout Mountain, or visit the National Earthquake Center to get reports on the earthquakes that have rocked the planet. While at it, be sure to stop at the Table Mountain Grill & Cantina for the popular flaming cheese appetizer and delicious southwestern cuisine to warm the January chill.


    Denver may be chilly in January, but it has loads of offers for fun-filled outdoor adventures. From the snowcapped mountains for skiing and snowshoeing lovers to the expansive parks for memorable snowman building contents, extravaganza lights events, and historical sites, the Mile High City is never short of fun activities, not just for you but the entire family.

    If you would like to become a part of the vibrant Denver community life, visit us at Station A and let us can actualize your dream. We are committed to offering the best of contemporary Colorado living within a homey environment. Contact us today to learn more about our properties and amenities.

  • An Unforgettable December Holiday in Denver

    Forget some exotic destination overseas — all the fun and excitement you need to make your December holiday unforgettable is right here in Denver. There are so many fun things to do that you will be spoilt for choice.

    Here is an overview of eight events and adventures that are guaranteed to highlight your time in the city.

    1. Festival of Wreaths

    The Festival of Wreaths is an annual event that has been taking place for over two decades now. The festival brings together local individuals, businesses, and organizations in a competition to design the best wreath. These wreaths are then sold virtually at auction, and the proceeds support the Aurora History Museum and other local education and school programs.

    Everyone is welcome to participate. The wreaths are displayed at the Aurora History Museum, and tourists are welcome to participate in the online auction.

    2. ChristKindl Market

    Have you ever wondered how they celebrate the December holidays in Germany? The ChristKindl Market is the next best thing after actually traveling to Europe.

    The ChristKindl Market mimics German and European December holiday traditions so well that you will forget you are in Denver. Highlights include indulging in traditional European cuisine, experiencing European arts and entertainment, and a chance to meet historical figures such as St. Nikolaus and the ChristKindl. The event starts on the Friday before Thanksgiving and goes on to the 23rd of December.

    3. Jackalope Virtual Holiday Market

    The Jackalope Virtual Holiday Market takes place online, which is just ideal for the 2020 holiday season. The market exhibits a wide range of products, including artistic creations from some of Colorado’s finest artisans. Other products include fine ceramics, home décor, fine jewelry, family products, and more.

    4. Penny Saturday at the MCA

    The Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver is Colorado’s leading exhibit of exotic contemporary works of art. The museum showcases some of its finest works during the December holiday, and you can explore all of them for just one penny. The offer is only available for the first Saturday of December.

    5. Free Day at the Museum of Nature & Science

    You will find some of the most interesting science and nature concepts on full display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The museum has a collection of more than one million exhibitions. The exhibits are as diverse as your imagination, and examples include depictions of black holes, impressively intact fossils of dinosaurs, and more.

    6. Free Day at the Clyfford Still Museum

    The Clyfford Still Museum is one of the world’s top destinations for fans of Abstract Expressionism paintings. The museum is, in fact, named after Clyfford Still, who is credited with discovering this new style of art. The museum opens its doors for free once every year, usually in November, just as the December holidays start. However, tickets are limited and issued on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    7. First Friday Art Walk

    Denver has a soft spot for art, and the First Friday Art Walk brings together art enthusiasts from all over the country. This massive event takes place on the first Friday of August, and it occupies a large area between the 5th and 11th avenues. Some of the best artists from all over the state and country exhibit their artworks on the roadside street galleries, inside alleys, along walkways, and virtually anywhere with an artistic appeal.

    8. Downtown Denver Skyline Park Skating Rink

    Located at Skyline Park, the Downtown Denver Rink is the perfect venue for ice skating. It is spacious and picturesque, and anyone can skate for free. It is also close to some of the city’s most popular eateries.

    Final Thoughts 

    Denver has everything it takes to give you a memorable December holiday. There is a celebratory mood in the air, and there are dozens of fun things to do. These events will give you an intimate experience of some of the city’s most pleasing aspects, so start here and don’t mind losing yourself in the fun.

    Contact us today to find out more about what Denver has to offer.

  • What’s Happening in Denver in November

    Denver offers excitement and enchantment in November, as only autumn in The Rockies can.  The culture of the city is on full display in Denver, with some of the most anticipated arts and social events of the year being held during November.  Here’s some of what’s on our calendar this November.

    Denver Arts Week

    An annual arts extravaganza, Denver Arts Week offers hundreds of exhibits, both live and virtual, throughout the week.  Sprawled across many types of venues throughout the city, this community event exhibits a very diverse selection of locally produced art.  Dancers, musicians, performers, and visual artists schedule galleries and shows throughout the event.  Film also takes a large role as Denver Arts Week is scheduled to coincide with the conclusion of the Denver Film Festival, a 43-year tradition!

    Denver International Wine Festival

    Every year in November, the Denver International Wine Festival wows attendees with wine offerings from all over the world.  This 3-day event features a multi-course banquet to kick off the event, with an assortment of wine pairings to be enjoyed.  The second day features top local chefs squaring off in a competition to create the best dishes to pair with this year’s winning wines.  The third day’s event is a large-scale wine tasting with over 50 vendors in attendance.  Whether you’re a sommelier or just a person with adventurous taste buds, this festival has something for you.

    CRUSH Walls

    CRUSH is a beautiful tradition in Denver’s River North Arts District since 2010.  CRUSH (short for Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony) is an annual street art event in which hundreds of walls all over the River North Arts District are given to local and guests street artists to paint as they wish.  CRUSH leaves a living gallery on the streets of this Denver neighborhood, celebrating the local culture and talents.  The colorful murals can create a wonderful day of an art walk through this open-air gallery.

    United Way Turkey Trot

    The annual United Way Turkey Trot is a well-known tradition to many.  This Thanksgiving race is a huge part of the fund-raising efforts for the United Way all over the world, but in Denver it’s special.  Denver was the first United Way chapter, originally founded in 1887.  The United Way has since gone on to spread their community action and charity mission with over 1800 chapters worldwide.   The Mile High United Way Chapter holds a special place in the hearts of locals and never is this more observable than at the annual Turkey Trot.  For 2020, the Turkey Trot has gone fully virtual, but small community events are popping up all around the festivities as the people of Denver show that their unwavering support of the United Way.

    Mile High Holidays

    November in Denver offers enchanting Thanksgiving and Christmas attractions and activities.  The city’s annual Mile High Holidays  Numerous displays and workshops culminate in Thanksgiving weekend, when dozens of museums, businesses, and government buildings unveil breathtaking light displays.  Included among these, is Denver’s famous “Mile High Tree”, a 110-foot light sculpture of a Christmas tree.  This towering tree can be entered and observed by onlookers and flashes gorgeous patterns in a continual light show.

    Colorado Country Christmas Gifts Show

    Every year the Colorado Country Christmas Gifts Show brings excitement to the holiday season in Denver.  This is a 3-day expo of crafts, furnishings, art, local foods, and gifts for the whole family.  Seen by many as a kick-off to the holiday season, this show has been a fixture in Denver for 37 years.  With some of the top local chefs, artisans, and artists in attendance, it features hundreds of exhibits, vendors, and displays.

    Denver’s calendar is packed full of events like these in November.  This city is bursting with social and cultural richness, and it’s exciting to be in the middle of it.

    Here at Station A, we think it’s important to have a comfortable home, while still being close to the action.  If you’re interested in moving towards contemporary, affordable living connected to all the celebrations Denver has to offer, contact us and maybe we can help get you where it’s all happening.

  • Best Things to Do in Denver in October 2020

    Denver, Colorado, is a beautiful and action-packed place to be any time of year, and there is no shortage of activities in October.  There is something for everyone, from nature lovers to those seeking a family-friendly experience to those who may just be looking for a way to let their hair down and their zombie flag fly.  Check out some of our favorites and plan to meet us there.

    Leaf Peeping

    If you want some gorgeous pictures in early October, take a hike up to Guanella Pass. You can climb up to over 11,600 feet to view the spectacular aspen groves as they change colors. Another must-see is Rocky Mountain National Park, where you can see the reflection of the aspens in Bear Lake. For a later October viewing, take a vintage steam locomotive on the Georgetown Loop Railroad, where you can see the aspen groves on the steep slope between Georgetown and Silver Plume.

    Denver Beer Week

    If you are a beer lover, for nine glorious days, you can revel in all things beer at Denver Beer Week. If that’s not enough, the week wraps up with the biggest beer competition in the country, the Great American Beer Festival. Even if you can’t make it to Beer Week, don’t worry. The Denver Beer Trail boasts over 100 brewpubs, breweries, and taprooms in the Denver metro area, open every month of the year!

    Union Station Zombie Prom

    For an adults’ night out, put on your best ghoulish outfit and polish up your dancing shoes. The Zombie Prom awaits! Dance the night away with a live DJ, spiked punch, and prizes for the best costumes. If you feel like upgrading your experience, grab some tickets to the VIP Teacher’s Lounge Experience.

    BOOnion Station Trick-or-Treat Parade

    Gather up all your little ghouls, ghosts, and goblins and head down to Union Station for a free parade and festivities. After the BOOnion Station Trick-or-Treat Parade, you can watch live entertainment, get a balloon animal, have your face painted, and more. Make sure the whole family is in costume because you’ll have a chance for not only the best individual costume but the best family or group costumes, as well.

    Zombie Crawl

    Every year in downtown Denver, zombies take over. If you think you have what it takes to stay alive on streets swarming with the undead, check out the Zombie Crawl. Brush up on all your Zombie Apocalypse techniques and make plans to show them off.

    Pumpkin Patches

    There are never any shortages of pumpkin patches in and around Denver in October. Take family pictures against the colorful backdrop of fall foliage and pumpkins, take a hayride, and taste some fall treats without the tricks. Get lost in the 25-acre corn maze at Anderson Farms or visit the Denver Botanic Gardens for a haunted maze. Check out all the options here.

    Taps & Tails @ The Denver Zoo

    Grab your favorite brew and spend a day sipping and strolling while admiring the animals at Taps & Tails at the Denver Zoo. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! It will all take on a whole new relaxed vibe when you meet your favorite people at the zoo.

    From free events to those requiring advance tickets, there is something for every taste and budget in Denver. Come spend your October with us and see what we have to offer.

    At Station A, we don’t just believe in work/life balance, we believe in living life to the fullest, taking advantage of all the natural beauty and fun activities around us. If you are interested in contemporary living connected to it all, contact us today for a tour.

  • 5 Best Things to Do in Denver in September 2020

    It’s been a long summer of sheltering in place. September brings the promise of cooler weather without the threat of snow. It’s a great time to go out and do something fun in Denver. The city has a lot of great options for everyone.

    You can try something new or explore one of your favorite activities from going to the park to shopping at the local farmer’s market. Here’s a look at some of the best things to do in Denver in September. Just remember that some or all of these events and locations might be canceled or closed due to COVID-19.

    CRUSH Walls

    Do you love art? Then CRUSH Walls is the event for you since it brings you the work of local, regional, and national artists. From September 14th through the 20th, the RiNo Art District gets a fresh coat of paint. Using spray paint, artists display their talents and vision on walls and doors.

    The entire district comes alive with creativity and cutting-edge art. You can enjoy an afternoon walking around the district watching the artists at work. If you get hot, stop by the Spray Can Bar and grab a frosty beer and watch the artists working.

    Denver Startup Week

    In 2020, Denver Startup Week is going virtual. This event celebrates all things innovative and entrepreneurial in the Mile High City. This year, you can sign up for online sessions for free. It’s a great way to learn new things about running a business.

    If you own a business or are thinking about starting a business, this event is a must, so mark your calendar for September 14th through the 18th and register for the sections that interest you today. There are more than 300 sessions, and each one is free.

    Denver Food and Wine Festival

    With tickets available online for the best events, the Denver Food and Wine Festival is sure to be a great time. You can dine under the stars or party on the patio. Festival events start on September 4th and run through the 8th with the Grand Tasting on the afternoon of the 7th.

    This is the one event you don’t want to miss with more than 40 area restaurants handing out samples to sink your teeth into along with wine and spirits. There’s even a culinary demonstration from a renowned chef.

    Local Farmer’s Market

    You want to eat healthier and visiting a local farmer’s market can help you meet that goal. There are several farmer’s markets in the Denver area, and each has its own unique flair. Of course, you’ll find more than fresh produce. There are weekly events, live entertainment, and the best home-cooked food in the area.

    You’ll find different farmer’s markets open on different days of the week and a large variety open on Saturdays. You can find anything from locally-made butter and cheese to homemade pies and jam. Many of the farmer’s markets have a festival feel.

    Take a Walk in the Park

    Denver is home to many parks. Whether you’re looking for walking trails or a picnic area to grill up a meal with family and friends, there’s a park close by. City Park is the largest with a museum, zoo, and golf course. You can walk by the lake and view the City Park Pavilion, a 19th-century landmark built in the Spanish style.

    You can take your pup to the Carla Madison Dog Park for an afternoon of fresh air. With so many parks in the area, you can visit a different one each weekend.

    At Station A, we love the Denver area and the fall weather. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge of local events. When you’re looking for a new apartment to call home, contact us for a tour.

  • The 8 Best Parks in Denver

    Welcome to Denver, home of Titanic Survivor Molly Brown and various 19th century landmarks. While the city is filled with restaurants, local shops, and exciting activities, there are so many incredible places to get outside and enjoy nature. For the best hiking trails, places to picnic, and prime playing grounds for your favorite sports, check out the 8 best parks here in Denver.


    Featuring lakeside trails, City Park is one Denver’s prime locations. Within the park, you can spend your time freely enjoying the Denver Museum of Nature & Science while exploring the planetarium, catch one of the many shows, or take pictures of exotic reptiles at the neighboring zoo. Don’t forget about the playgrounds and trails when you feel like getting active.


    This park isn’t as cheesy as the name makes it sound. It’s actually filled with green space to enjoy the sun to offer tranquil views. The trails are aligned with trees, offering shade for those that feel like walking, running, or biking. Whether you feel like having a picnic or playing a friendly game of kickball, there’s plenty of open space to do so while still practicing things like social distancing.


    Get ready for some fun in the sun at Sloans Lake Park. Head on over to enjoy a day out on the water as you paddleboard or kayak across this gorgeous lake. With 177 acres of land and water, there’s plenty of room to spend your day relaxing. The great thing about Sloans Lake is that you’ll feel like you’re on vacation away from the city while still being in the city.


    Originally known as Cemetery Hill, Congress Park earned its name in the 1890s. Senator Henry Teller requested the original land be redesigned into a park that the growing city’s population could enjoy, with the first plans including other local known parks such as Cheesman Park and the Denver Botanical Gardens. Today it presents itself as a city nursery where you can enjoy flowers and growing trees as you take a stroll through the trails.


    Established in 1911 through the condemned property, Alamo Placita became one of the hidden gems in the city of Denver. The small area is known as a garden sanctuary, providing nurturing views. The park is the perfect place for getting fresh air on daily runs and is pet friendly.


    Accessible by light rail, Confluence Park brings you urban vibes. Settled between Cherry Creek and the South Platte River, this downtown Denver Park is beloved for contemporary settings that house prime waterfront locations. Take a kayaking trip down the river as you float comfortably through parts of the city.


    When it comes to state parks, Cherry Creek is one of the prettiest. Reserve a spot for a weekend of camping and enjoy a little bit of wildlife as you relax. Choose between activities like fishing, riding jet skis, or simply playing in the water. If you feel like exploring, grab your bike and ride through nature as you enjoy the cleanly kept trails.


    Offering sporting facilities, blooming gardens, winding trails, and elegant views, Washington Park has it all. This Denver park spans 161 acres and provides you with plenty to do. Get some friends together for a game of volleyball or slam ball, and take advantage of all the adventurous opportunities at the park.

    If you or a friend are looking for a new place to call home that offers your a prime location in the city of Denver, contact us today. The Station A Apartments are closeby all of the best parks in Denver, making it incredibly easy to explore and enjoy the outdoors.