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New to Denver? | How to Meet People

The city tends to attract people for work and lifestyle opportunities. Here in Denver, we welcome a few tens-of-thousands of people every year. So you may be new, but you’re not alone! There are many locals and fellow new Denverites waiting to become your new social network. Make friends by joining groups and going places where you’re sure to find people who share your interests.

Denver promises a wide variety of experiences, from outdoor adventures to cozy indoor art. How can you meet new people in Denver and build your social circle? Try just a few of the following ideas or let them inspire your way to a like-minded group.

Meeting and Greeting

The first thing to do is prepare yourself to meet new people. In a city, it is possible to drop your eyes and politely move through the world, unbothered. But if you want to turn opportunities into friendships, it’s important to dare yourself to reach out. Say hello. Make a joke. Ask others how they do what they do. Just a little ice-breaking can go a long way.

Join a Local Gym

A gym membership is a great way to meet people during your weekly workout routine. You can find people to run with or spot weights with. You can meet up after in the smoothie shop or race each other on side-by-side rowing machines. Many people meet friends in workout classes.

Try an Activity Group

An activity group might be even better if you like adventures or have very specific interests. Join a rock-climbing group, or a group that bikes a different trail every other weekend. You can join a pottery studio or take a class in a skill you’ve always wanted.

Meet at the Dog Park

If you have a dog, you can meet other dog owners in the Denver dog parks.  In Denver, even apartment buildings have dog parks.Bring a pocket of toys and make sure that you know the local rules, then let your dog make the friendly introductions. Dogs who become friends create owners who become friends. 

Join a Building Event

If you choose an apartment or condo, your building may throw events that can help you meet your neighbors and fellow curious new residents. Swing by the pool to see who is hanging out. Grab a coffee in the lobby cafe and check out the holiday parties and events as they occur. Some communities host fitness classes, cooking classes, and other fun programs. There’s always something going on at Station A where residents can meet and share interests.

Join a Local Sports Team

Do you enjoy paired or team sports? You can almost always find a group of fellow-enthusiasts to play with. From football to ping pong, joining a team is a great way to enjoy your afternoons and make friends doing something fun and active. If you’re good or gain skill along the way, you might even take on competitions and tournaments.

Connect Through a Dating App or Social App

For singles, check out one of many dating apps. If you’re not looking for a relationship, explore one of the dozens of multi-purpose social platforms. These apps can prioritize people near you who might be looking to hang out. compare profiles, trade a few chat texts, and meet for coffee. Online apps are a fun shortcut to meeting new people in a new city like Denver. Why wander around waiting to say hello when you can connect with other people looking for friends?

Host an Apartment Venue Event

You can host an event in your apartment building and meet your fellow residents who show up. Apartment venue space often includes a clubhouse or lounge that you can book as a spacious and beautifully decorated place to hold events. Even a quick mixer can draw the interesting and available people from your community to your party platters or cookies and cool music.

Join a Book Club

Love to read and discuss? Join a local book club. Connect at the library or online. You can meet Denverites all over the city by seeking online book clubs that hold occasional meet-ups at restaurants and cozy spots around the city.

Get Involved in Brewery Events and Pub Crawls

Like a wild time with good brews? Join a charity pub crawl or get involved in the local breweries. You can meet many other enthusiasts and people who like to let their hair down on the weekends by getting connected with the local scene.

Discovering Denver from Station A

Meeting new people after moving to Denver can be an adventure in any direction. Whether you want to hit the mountain bike trails or trade ideas with a book club, you’re sure to find new, interesting people to form your Denver social circle. Contact us today to explore modern Denver apartments in the thriving Station A community.


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