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Apartments come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to do your research before signing a lease. Determine the best floor plan for your unique needs by considering factors like how much space you’ll need and features that will suit your lifestyle. Studio apartments are a great option, and our studio apartments at Station A are the perfect place to call home.

Studio Apartment Features

At Station A, we offer studio apartments with a slew of amenities and features that make apartment living convenient, affordable, and fun. Our studio floor plan provides 558 square feet of living space, which is much roomier than the national average. It’s also one of the largest studio apartment floor plans in the Denver area. In addition to the extra space, our studio apartments offer several unique features that set them apart from the rest.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are on-trend, and there’s a reason why many new builds adopt this design. The open floor plan makes each studio apartment at Station A feel spacious, bright, and clean. Sunlight easily filters throughout the entire living area, and decor can seamlessly flow from the kitchen to the bedroom space.

The rolling island makes your kitchen completely customizable, so you can organize your space just the way you like it. Most studio apartments have a simple design with little room for adjustment, and the unique rolling island makes it easy to add your own personal touch to your living space.


A lack of privacy is one of the largest drawbacks to renting a studio apartment, since the floor plan usually consists of one large living space. Each studio apartment at Station A contains a 3/4 partition wall, so your bedroom space is private, and separate from the living room and kitchen area. This is especially nice for people who share an apartment with a partner, allowing one to rest while the other works or relaxes in the living space on the other side of the partition wall. 

The added privacy in our studio apartments is perfect for renters who plan on hosting guests, since they’ll be able to sleep in a separate space with added privacy.


Studio apartments are the perfect choice for budget-conscious renters, and savings can be found in a variety of areas. It’s true that renting a studio apartment typically costs less than a 1 bedroom apartment, but you’ll save in a number of other ways. Typically, a smaller floor plan requires less furniture, and you’ll need fewer items to fill up your space.

In addition to lower rent and less furniture, studio apartment renters typically pay far less for their utilities like electricity, heating, and cooling. The benefits of having a smaller space mean it takes less energy to heat, cool, and illuminate your space, and you’ll reap the benefits every month.

Unique Amenities and Features

At Station A, each studio apartment is equipped with a private outdoor patio, where you can dine al fresco or work from home each day. Additionally, each studio apartment comes with a washer and dryer, so you don’t have to leave home to do your own laundry. These features are hard to find in studio spaces in the Denver area.

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