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7 Economical Ways to Visit Mountains Towns from Denver

Colorado is a beautiful place, and not just the urban vistas of Denver. The Rocky Mountains create a unique opportunity to escape the city any time you feel the need. Colorado is covered in idyllic mountain towns scattered through the Rockies and nestled in sheltered valleys. Denver visitors discover these getaways after hours of challenging mountain driving. But Denver locals know there’s a more economical way to travel.

The train lines and buses throughout Denver and greater Colorado offer some incredible opportunities to sight-see without being behind the wheel and to explore Colorado’s beautiful mountain towns on a budget. Let’s dive into the easiest ways to visit Colorado’s mountain towns from Denver.

Hop a Transfer from the A-Line

The A-Line is the central train line through Denver, taking tourists and locals alike down the 23 mile stretch from downtown Denver to the Denver Airport. A convenient distance from Station A Apartments, you’ll never be far from the main line. From the A-Line you can transfer at most of the station stops to another train that will take you further out into the picturesque Rocky Mountains.

Catch a Butstang All Over Colorado

Bustang is a totally awesome bus line with bright purple tour buses that travel all over the state of Colorado. Originally a single line from Denver to Colorado Springs, the line, now expands from Grand Junction, Alamosa, Pueblo, and Lamar. If you want to head into the mountains and back for a great price, don’t miss your chance at the economical Bustang experience.

Ride the Winter Park Express

Want to take a ride into the majestic Winter Park? Catch the Amtrak Winter Park Express, also known as the “ski train”. Catch an affordable fare up to your favorite ski or hiking vistas up in the mountains at Winter Park and catch the train back without paying resort prices to stay overnight. Winter Park has an incredible selection of activities to explore, mainly hosted by the Winter Park Resort.

Take the Flatiron Flyer to Boulder

The Flatiron Flyer, despite it s name, is really a bus network. We know, it sounds like a train and with so many trains criss-crossing Denver, it makes sense to be a train. But really, it’s a beautiful blue bus adorned with the flight pattern of a golden bird. Even better, it’s a multi-route bus system that takes the express lanes for bus rapid transit (BRT). You can get a three-hour pass or a five-hour pass to travel all over Denver and Boulder for your sightseeing needs.

Catch the Cog Railway to Pikes Peak

Want a train ride with incredible views to a beautiful mountain park? Catch the Cog Railway to Pikes Peak. In fact, this year Pikes Peak is celebrating it’s 130th anniversary this year with a grand reopening of the train itself, alongside it’s sister train the Broadmoor Manitou.

The 3 hour round trip on the Cog railway is an adventure in itself with breathtaking views and sightseeing at the summit. You can book your mountain adventure on one of many daily departures. 

Find a Low-Cost Flight to Telluride, Montrose, Durango, and Colorado Springs

Of course, if you’d rather fly somewhere remote, you can always catch the A-Line to the Denver Airport Station. There are often low-cost flights to the hidden gems of the Rockies including Telluride, Montrose, Durango, and Colorado Springs. If your vacation starts a little further out or you’d rather go by air, these intra-state flights are very affordable for airfare.

Plan a Fun Road Trip with Friends

Last but certainly not least, you can always plan a road trip with friends to combine your costs and take turns driving. Want to brave the mountains in a vehicle with great traction? Want to park and ride with your favorite people? Everyone benefits when you travel together and pool your expenses for a better experience all around.

Are there economical ways to enjoy Colorado vacations starting in the heart of Denver? Absolutely! Contact us today to find the perfect starting place right on the A-Line for your Colorado experiences.


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