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  • An Unforgettable December Holiday in Denver

    Forget some exotic destination overseas — all the fun and excitement you need to make your December holiday unforgettable is right here in Denver. There are so many fun things to do that you will be spoilt for choice.

    Here is an overview of eight events and adventures that are guaranteed to highlight your time in the city.

    1. Festival of Wreaths

    The Festival of Wreaths is an annual event that has been taking place for over two decades now. The festival brings together local individuals, businesses, and organizations in a competition to design the best wreath. These wreaths are then sold virtually at auction, and the proceeds support the Aurora History Museum and other local education and school programs.

    Everyone is welcome to participate. The wreaths are displayed at the Aurora History Museum, and tourists are welcome to participate in the online auction.

    2. ChristKindl Market

    Have you ever wondered how they celebrate the December holidays in Germany? The ChristKindl Market is the next best thing after actually traveling to Europe.

    The ChristKindl Market mimics German and European December holiday traditions so well that you will forget you are in Denver. Highlights include indulging in traditional European cuisine, experiencing European arts and entertainment, and a chance to meet historical figures such as St. Nikolaus and the ChristKindl. The event starts on the Friday before Thanksgiving and goes on to the 23rd of December.

    3. Jackalope Virtual Holiday Market

    The Jackalope Virtual Holiday Market takes place online, which is just ideal for the 2020 holiday season. The market exhibits a wide range of products, including artistic creations from some of Colorado’s finest artisans. Other products include fine ceramics, home décor, fine jewelry, family products, and more.

    4. Penny Saturday at the MCA

    The Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver is Colorado’s leading exhibit of exotic contemporary works of art. The museum showcases some of its finest works during the December holiday, and you can explore all of them for just one penny. The offer is only available for the first Saturday of December.

    5. Free Day at the Museum of Nature & Science

    You will find some of the most interesting science and nature concepts on full display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The museum has a collection of more than one million exhibitions. The exhibits are as diverse as your imagination, and examples include depictions of black holes, impressively intact fossils of dinosaurs, and more.

    6. Free Day at the Clyfford Still Museum

    The Clyfford Still Museum is one of the world’s top destinations for fans of Abstract Expressionism paintings. The museum is, in fact, named after Clyfford Still, who is credited with discovering this new style of art. The museum opens its doors for free once every year, usually in November, just as the December holidays start. However, tickets are limited and issued on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    7. First Friday Art Walk

    Denver has a soft spot for art, and the First Friday Art Walk brings together art enthusiasts from all over the country. This massive event takes place on the first Friday of August, and it occupies a large area between the 5th and 11th avenues. Some of the best artists from all over the state and country exhibit their artworks on the roadside street galleries, inside alleys, along walkways, and virtually anywhere with an artistic appeal.

    8. Downtown Denver Skyline Park Skating Rink

    Located at Skyline Park, the Downtown Denver Rink is the perfect venue for ice skating. It is spacious and picturesque, and anyone can skate for free. It is also close to some of the city’s most popular eateries.

    Final Thoughts 

    Denver has everything it takes to give you a memorable December holiday. There is a celebratory mood in the air, and there are dozens of fun things to do. These events will give you an intimate experience of some of the city’s most pleasing aspects, so start here and don’t mind losing yourself in the fun.

    Contact us today to find out more about what Denver has to offer.

  • How To Share An Apartment With A Roommate

    At some point or another most of us have to take on a roommate. This can go fabulously and you could be friends forever! Or, it might be a little more challenging. Most of the time, your experience will fall somewhere in the middle, and if you follow a few tips you just might have an enjoyable experience. Read on for more about how you can work through some common issues that roommates have and how to create a peaceful home in your apartment with your roommate.

    Communication is Key

    Like any relationship, you must communicate. This means a few different things:

    • Talk before you move in together about expectations regarding shared spaces and cleaning habits.
    • Solve any problems immediately. You can, of course, take a cool down period if there is any bickering involved. However, a general rule of thumb is not to let any problems linger and fester. This is how they snowball.

    Be Respectful

    In addition to just being civil and pleasant to one another, you need to respect boundaries.

    • Knock before entering bedrooms
    • Don’t eat your roommate’s food without their permission
    • In general, respect privacy — bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.
    • Consider toning down strong perfumes or candles as some people can be more sensitive to smells than others

    Consider your Roommate’s Schedule

    While you do not need to know every time they will be coming and going from the apartment, you should have a general idea if your schedules are opposite. For example, if they work an opposite schedule as you and need to sleep in the daytime, be respectful and keep the noise down. You should always be considerate of noise, no matter the time of day. If your music tastes differ, pick up a pair of headphones and rock out!

    Have a Plan for Chores

    It does not mean that you have to have an evenly exact 50/50 split. Maybe you hate cooking and they love it. Find a reasonable way to break up chore duty, so that you each know what to expect for the other. And, you should never make them clean up after you. Take care of your own bathroom trash, don’t leave your underwear around, and generally keep the place neat. When it comes time to the down and dirty cleaning that’s what you should evenly divide up. When in doubt, divide up the worst chores evenly so nobody is constantly taking out the trash more than the other.

    Put the Money Plan in Writing

    In most cases, you will probably split the rent 50/50. But, no matter how you decide to pay the rent put that in writing before you move in. If it is not outlined in the lease you should draft up your own document and have it notarized. Financial problems can ruin friendships, but they can also ruin your credit and your chances at taking out a mortgage in the future. The easiest and cleanest way to handle money is to decide on it upfront and put it in writing.

    The easiest way to work out an apartment agreement with a roommate is to have the difficult conversations up front. Talk about chores, money payments, groceries, laundry, all of it. It’s not too late, though, if you waited until after you moved in. Open communication is key, which might mean you need to make your roommate feel like you are approachable about a subject that you might be angry about. Remember, this is home for both of you. Home should conjure warm, fuzzy feelings. Disagreements happen, but working through them civilly and honestly is the best approach.

    Reach out and contact us today if you have any questions about how to come up with a peaceful agreement plan with your roommate!

  • What’s Happening in Denver in November

    Denver offers excitement and enchantment in November, as only autumn in The Rockies can.  The culture of the city is on full display in Denver, with some of the most anticipated arts and social events of the year being held during November.  Here’s some of what’s on our calendar this November.

    Denver Arts Week

    An annual arts extravaganza, Denver Arts Week offers hundreds of exhibits, both live and virtual, throughout the week.  Sprawled across many types of venues throughout the city, this community event exhibits a very diverse selection of locally produced art.  Dancers, musicians, performers, and visual artists schedule galleries and shows throughout the event.  Film also takes a large role as Denver Arts Week is scheduled to coincide with the conclusion of the Denver Film Festival, a 43-year tradition!

    Denver International Wine Festival

    Every year in November, the Denver International Wine Festival wows attendees with wine offerings from all over the world.  This 3-day event features a multi-course banquet to kick off the event, with an assortment of wine pairings to be enjoyed.  The second day features top local chefs squaring off in a competition to create the best dishes to pair with this year’s winning wines.  The third day’s event is a large-scale wine tasting with over 50 vendors in attendance.  Whether you’re a sommelier or just a person with adventurous taste buds, this festival has something for you.

    CRUSH Walls

    CRUSH is a beautiful tradition in Denver’s River North Arts District since 2010.  CRUSH (short for Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony) is an annual street art event in which hundreds of walls all over the River North Arts District are given to local and guests street artists to paint as they wish.  CRUSH leaves a living gallery on the streets of this Denver neighborhood, celebrating the local culture and talents.  The colorful murals can create a wonderful day of an art walk through this open-air gallery.

    United Way Turkey Trot

    The annual United Way Turkey Trot is a well-known tradition to many.  This Thanksgiving race is a huge part of the fund-raising efforts for the United Way all over the world, but in Denver it’s special.  Denver was the first United Way chapter, originally founded in 1887.  The United Way has since gone on to spread their community action and charity mission with over 1800 chapters worldwide.   The Mile High United Way Chapter holds a special place in the hearts of locals and never is this more observable than at the annual Turkey Trot.  For 2020, the Turkey Trot has gone fully virtual, but small community events are popping up all around the festivities as the people of Denver show that their unwavering support of the United Way.

    Mile High Holidays

    November in Denver offers enchanting Thanksgiving and Christmas attractions and activities.  The city’s annual Mile High Holidays  Numerous displays and workshops culminate in Thanksgiving weekend, when dozens of museums, businesses, and government buildings unveil breathtaking light displays.  Included among these, is Denver’s famous “Mile High Tree”, a 110-foot light sculpture of a Christmas tree.  This towering tree can be entered and observed by onlookers and flashes gorgeous patterns in a continual light show.

    Colorado Country Christmas Gifts Show

    Every year the Colorado Country Christmas Gifts Show brings excitement to the holiday season in Denver.  This is a 3-day expo of crafts, furnishings, art, local foods, and gifts for the whole family.  Seen by many as a kick-off to the holiday season, this show has been a fixture in Denver for 37 years.  With some of the top local chefs, artisans, and artists in attendance, it features hundreds of exhibits, vendors, and displays.

    Denver’s calendar is packed full of events like these in November.  This city is bursting with social and cultural richness, and it’s exciting to be in the middle of it.

    Here at Station A, we think it’s important to have a comfortable home, while still being close to the action.  If you’re interested in moving towards contemporary, affordable living connected to all the celebrations Denver has to offer, contact us and maybe we can help get you where it’s all happening.