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November 2, 2020
  • What’s Happening in Denver in November

    Denver offers excitement and enchantment in November, as only autumn in The Rockies can.  The culture of the city is on full display in Denver, with some of the most anticipated arts and social events of the year being held during November.  Here’s some of what’s on our calendar this November.

    Denver Arts Week

    An annual arts extravaganza, Denver Arts Week offers hundreds of exhibits, both live and virtual, throughout the week.  Sprawled across many types of venues throughout the city, this community event exhibits a very diverse selection of locally produced art.  Dancers, musicians, performers, and visual artists schedule galleries and shows throughout the event.  Film also takes a large role as Denver Arts Week is scheduled to coincide with the conclusion of the Denver Film Festival, a 43-year tradition!

    Denver International Wine Festival

    Every year in November, the Denver International Wine Festival wows attendees with wine offerings from all over the world.  This 3-day event features a multi-course banquet to kick off the event, with an assortment of wine pairings to be enjoyed.  The second day features top local chefs squaring off in a competition to create the best dishes to pair with this year’s winning wines.  The third day’s event is a large-scale wine tasting with over 50 vendors in attendance.  Whether you’re a sommelier or just a person with adventurous taste buds, this festival has something for you.

    CRUSH Walls

    CRUSH is a beautiful tradition in Denver’s River North Arts District since 2010.  CRUSH (short for Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony) is an annual street art event in which hundreds of walls all over the River North Arts District are given to local and guests street artists to paint as they wish.  CRUSH leaves a living gallery on the streets of this Denver neighborhood, celebrating the local culture and talents.  The colorful murals can create a wonderful day of an art walk through this open-air gallery.

    United Way Turkey Trot

    The annual United Way Turkey Trot is a well-known tradition to many.  This Thanksgiving race is a huge part of the fund-raising efforts for the United Way all over the world, but in Denver it’s special.  Denver was the first United Way chapter, originally founded in 1887.  The United Way has since gone on to spread their community action and charity mission with over 1800 chapters worldwide.   The Mile High United Way Chapter holds a special place in the hearts of locals and never is this more observable than at the annual Turkey Trot.  For 2020, the Turkey Trot has gone fully virtual, but small community events are popping up all around the festivities as the people of Denver show that their unwavering support of the United Way.

    Mile High Holidays

    November in Denver offers enchanting Thanksgiving and Christmas attractions and activities.  The city’s annual Mile High Holidays  Numerous displays and workshops culminate in Thanksgiving weekend, when dozens of museums, businesses, and government buildings unveil breathtaking light displays.  Included among these, is Denver’s famous “Mile High Tree”, a 110-foot light sculpture of a Christmas tree.  This towering tree can be entered and observed by onlookers and flashes gorgeous patterns in a continual light show.

    Colorado Country Christmas Gifts Show

    Every year the Colorado Country Christmas Gifts Show brings excitement to the holiday season in Denver.  This is a 3-day expo of crafts, furnishings, art, local foods, and gifts for the whole family.  Seen by many as a kick-off to the holiday season, this show has been a fixture in Denver for 37 years.  With some of the top local chefs, artisans, and artists in attendance, it features hundreds of exhibits, vendors, and displays.

    Denver’s calendar is packed full of events like these in November.  This city is bursting with social and cultural richness, and it’s exciting to be in the middle of it.

    Here at Station A, we think it’s important to have a comfortable home, while still being close to the action.  If you’re interested in moving towards contemporary, affordable living connected to all the celebrations Denver has to offer, contact us and maybe we can help get you where it’s all happening.