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Space Saving Ideas for Apartment Dwellers

Apartments are great living spaces. However, they are not always the best of places in terms of storage spaces. This doesn’t mean that you should not stay in an apartment. With a bit of creativity, you can optimize your apartment’s storage capacity.

This article is for you if you are an apartment dweller and looking for better ways to save space. It contains several actionable ideas you can implement today to help you maximize space in your apartment. Keep reading!

5 Space Saving Ideas You Should Try Today

1. Maximize Vertical Space

One of the mistakes you might be committing is focusing more on horizontal storage. While horizontal storage might appear to be enough in a home setting, it creates clutter in an apartment. Instead, consider the vertical storage option.

Storing your possessions vertically leaves you with much spaces on the ground. This way, you have less clutter in your apartment and extra space to store more items. You can facilitate vertical storage using racks, shelves, hooks, or wall-mounted storage compartments.

2. Unique Storage Locations

Your apartment has more unique storage locations than you may be using. For example, did you know that you can store items under the bed and still have more space for other things?

Most apartment dwellers miss this storage opportunity by not having a bed but sleeping on their mattress flat on the floor. Whereas such an approach has nothing to do with the mattress’s quality or sleep, it eliminates a valuable storage space.

Use a bed frame, and you will be surprised how much storage space you create with such an arrangement. Keep items – small and big – that you don’t often use under the bed.

3. Kitchen Space Savers

The kitchen is one of the areas where every apartment dweller has challenges with storage and space. While you may want to store all your items in cabinets, you won’t have enough of those.

With a bit of organization, you can create enough storage space in the kitchen. Kitchen space savers such as the use of magnetic strips are a creative way to display your items. Magnetic spice racks will help you store most of your kitchen utensils without worrying about consuming a lot of space.

4. Wall Mounted (disappearing) Kitchen Tables / Desks

Wall-mounted desks and tables can help you save a lot of space in your apartment. Floating desks and tables give you enough space in your kitchen or living area, depending on your needs.

Your wall-mounted desk or table can be a sleek model, which you can fold down from the wall after use, or a small option, which is deep enough such that it doesn’t take much of your floor space. Nevertheless, it is advisable to go for the option that suits your floor space and storage needs.

5. Use Shelves

Shelves are considered an ideal option in vertical storage. They are best for holding both small and large items, allowing you to have a number of your items off the ground.

You take advantage of shelves in two ways – use a shelving rack or have wall-mounted shelves in different areas within your apartment. You will then use the shelving racks for your heavy items like kitchen appliances and the wall-mounted racks for small items such as soap and vases.

Final Thoughts

It can be hard to find an apartment with enough storage space to accommodate all your items. You have to create the space yourself. The above apartment storage ideas should set you off in the right direction. All you need is to be a little creative with your storage options, and you will be surprised how much more space you can create in your apartment.

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