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Decorating an Apartment Balcony

Though you love apartment living, you miss having an outdoor space that you can enjoy the great weather and non-stop sunshine.  That’s why having your own balcony is the perfect solution.  But sometimes it’s a struggle to decide how to use and decorate your balcony for the most enjoyment and the biggest statement.

Extend Your Living Space

Instead of creating an outdoor look that feels separate from the rest of the apartment, why not carry your style outdoors? Find furniture that fits your indoor aesthetic, but it made for outdoor living.  Instead of sitting on rigid wrought iron or rattan, soften the space with cushions, pillows and throws.  Most items can be found made from fabric that is mold and mildew resistant and is made specifically for outdoor use.  And if you are all about relaxing, consider a hammock, or a pair of hammocks for the ultimate chill.

Drink that Morning Coffee

If you enjoy starting each morning with a cup of coffee, a balcony is perfect.  Bistro sets that are made for the outdoors are the perfect way to make a small balcony feel comfortable and inviting.  You will be looking forward to the morning cup of Joe (or tea) so you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view.

Bring on the Party

If you are the type who likes to entertain, don’t just throw a grill on the balcony.  In addition to your grill, you can easily turn the balcony into an outdoor bar or lounge.  Comfortable seating or bar height stools are perfect for parties, overflow, or even an intimate evening in.  Floor pillows offer impromptu casual seating and can be easily stored or moved when not in use.

Go Organic

If you love growing your own herbs or flowers, your balcony can be a great place to garden.  Plants are so versatile, since they can be in an assortment of containers, grow on the floor, tables, shelves or even hang from the ceiling.  They come in a variety of colors, so you never get bored.  And if you love the look but lack the green thumb, high quality silk plants are often mistaken for the real thing.  Try balcony rail planters to save space for seating (or more plants!)

Love that Color!

If you are in love with that bright shade of yellow but just cannot incorporate it into your apartment, try using it on the balcony.  It is your chance to be brave with bright colors or combinations that you might not normally use.  If you don’t like it tomorrow, you can change it up for that shade of fuchsia.

Light the Night

There are so many types of lights to choose from for your balcony.  Hanging lights, floor lamps, and string lights add ambience to a small space and accent your style subtlety.  Just be sure that your lights are rated for outdoor use.

Look Down

You don’t have to be content with a plain balcony floor.  Tiles and planks that snap together over your floor are perfect to bring interest to a formerly drab floor.  And don’t forget rugs!  Outdoor carpet and rugs are washable, hold up to the elements, and bring a huge dose of class to your balcony.  They are available in nearly any color or pattern you can think of, so have some fun with your floor!

Go Vertical

You have walls on your balcony, so be sure to make use of that space.   Garden shops have a huge assortment of outdoor decorating items to choose from.  Hang your plants from the ceiling, a mirror on the wall, or even a drape to soften the space.  Outdoor shelving can add storage and interest to an otherwise plain wall.

Your balcony can be an extension of your apartment.  It can showcase your interests, hobbies, and style and is relatively inexpensive to change up.  Don’t just decorate for the holidays.  Decorate for every day.  If you are looking for a premier apartment in Denver, give us a look.  You will love our beautiful apartments, our extensive amenities and features, and yes, our balconies.  Contact us today to set up an appointment and find out more.

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